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Paloma For Trump Claims to be a Resident of Arizona?

Paloma For Trump Claims to be a Resident of Arizona?


Paloma For Trump, AKA Paloma4Trump, (Paloma Zuniga Delint, no association with President Donald Trump), has claimed Residency in Airizona.  For the past year she has been claiming that she lives in Tijuana, has several homes in Mexico and has mysteriously claimed that she was a resident of California when she voted for Trump.

Paloma claims that she is attending an on-line school in Airizona.  But is she now paying in state tuition, since she claims to now be a resident?

We did a little checking and it is not that simple to become a Resident of Airizona, especially for in-state Tuition.. First response on Google says:

“The general rule is that in order to obtain resident status for tuition purposes, a student must establish his or her domicile in Arizona at least one year immediately prior to the last day of regular registration for the semester in which the student proposes to attend the university.”

A quick check on Paloma For Trump, AKA Paloma4Trump, (Paloma Zuniga Delint, no association with President Donald Trump), and her multiple statements over the past year that she has lived in Tijuana for the past 10 years “non-stop,” she would not qualify for in-state tuition unless she lived in AZ for a year.
Residency for other reasons mostly focuses that you must have a “domicile” in Arizona, that actually means you have to live in a physical place, get you mail there, do your business and live there for at least six months. Living in a car does not qualify for Residency.

In this article, it states:

To Become An Arizona Resident:
Establish a domicile in Arizona.
Live in Arizona for at least six months.
Use your Arizona address for things like:
Registering to vote
Obtaining a driver’s license
Applying for a hunting or fishing license
Opening banking or financial accounts
Registering your vehicle
Buying property
Filing income tax returns

Keep copies of all documents that prove residency.


Unless Paloma For Trump, AKA Paloma4Trump, (Paloma Zuniga Delint, no association with President Donald Trump), does all of these requirements, she is not and will not be a Resident of Arizona.  Just driving around in you car does not qualify you as a Resident.

What is the Motive for this Lie?  Perhaps Paloma is looking for a new address for her voting Residence in 2020.  Using a PO Box won’t work this time.




Paloma Zuniga Delint is a Public Figure?

Paloma Zuniga Delint is a Public Figure?

Paloma For Trump, AKA Paloma4Trump, (Paloma Zuniga Delint, no association with President Donald Trump), fancies herself as a Public Figure.  Which in her mind, she thinks that she is famous.

A quick look at

shows that “A public figure is a person, such as a politiciancelebritysocial media personality, or business leader, who has a certain social position within a certain scope and a significant influence and so is often widely concerned by the public, can benefit enormously from society, and is closely related to public interests in society.[1]

In the context of defamation actions (libel and slander) as well as invasion of privacy, a public figure cannot succeed in a lawsuit on incorrect harmful statements in the United States unless there is proof that the writer or publisher acted with actual malice by knowing the falsity or by reckless disregard for the truth.[2] The legal burden of proof in defamation actions is thus higher in the case of a public figure than in the case of an ordinary person.”

Paloma For Trump, AKA Paloma4Trump, (Paloma Zuniga Delint, no association with President Donald Trump), promotes herself a public figure, yet she threatens hundreds of people with lawsuits, defamation claims and other court clogging fake filings.  She is definitely confused.

If we measured her shrinking Social Media presence, one might be able to argue that she used to be a public figure, but she is now on her way to being a private figure again, such as a grocery store clerk or a maid.

Once she is no longer visible on Social Media, she will finally get what she wants, her privacy.  However, that means she will no longer exist as Paloma4Trump, she will simply be PalomaHasBeen, PalomaUnderaRock or one of a SimpleFlockofPalomas.

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Paloma for Trump goes viral on Twitter

Paloma for Trump went viral this week on Twitter.

Univision posted an article:

Seems like Paloma’s actions are catching up with her. She tried to stop a migrant family from crossing the US border by jumping the American border into Mexico, pushing a child migrant ad yelling at the group of migrants.  She was later proud that she scared the boy so much he peed his pants.


Here are some excerpts from the article:

“¿A dónde, a dónde? ¡No, no, no! Se regresan o los agarramos entre todos. Tienes que entrar con papeles”, se escucha decir a Paloma Zuñiga, en un video que se ha hecho viral en redes sociales, en el que busca evitar que los migrantes intenten cruzar de Tijuana a Estados Unidos.


“¡Ámonos, este no es su país!”, es parte del hostigante discurso que reciben varios migrantes que intentan llegar a Estados Unidos por parte de Paloma Zuñiga, una hispana que nació en Ciudad de México, pero a los pocos años obtuvo la nacionalidad estadounidense luego que su madre se casara con un americano.

La mexicana se hace llamar en redes sociales “Paloma for Trump” y, en los últimos días, se ha hecho viral un video que la muestra corriendo en la frontera de Tijuana detrás de familias migrantes, diciéndoles que se devuelvan: ” ¿A dónde, a dónde? ¡No no no! Se regresan o los agarramos entre todos. Tienes que entrar con papeles”, se escucha decir a la joven.

En su cuenta de Twitter, que cuenta con más de 6 mil seguidores, se puede comprobar que es una activista proTrump que en más de una ocasión ha marchado en calles de Estados Unidos en contra de los migrantes y, que promulga abiertamente, que ama y pelea por México, Estados Unidos y el presidente Donald Trump.

De hecho, el Partido Republicano la ha invitado en más de una ocasión a numerosos actos, como la Conferencia de Acción Política Conservadora (CPAC, por sus siglas inglés), celebrada en Washington.


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