“influencer” one day, the next day- a Common Face Book User

Paloma For Trump, AKA Paloma4Trump, (Paloma Zuniga Delint, no association with President Donald Trump), Reminisces about the day she had nearly 70,000 followers on Social Media. Her oddity was covered by national and International news organizations because she was timely in countering President Donald Trump’s anti-Mexican messaging by having a Mexican support and promote Trump.

During her 15 minutes of Fame, there were many stories covering her oddity and strangeness.


Mexican-American woman wins supporters for Trump on social media

“Paloma For Trump”, la latina “influencer” que adora al presidente de EE.UU.

“Paloma For Trump”, the Latin “influencer” who adores the US president

However, those Glory Days are gone.  Her current reach is a few thousand likes here and there, a few hundred views on streams here and there and only a handful of lemmings sticking by her side as she spirals down a dark tunnel with dark glasses – a dark car live streamer with a dwindling audience and a few dogs.

If she only had some content or something significant to say, she could yield some influence, but that is hard to do when she is hiding in Mexico in a dark car and is Paloma is wanted in several states in the USA. She is staying put in Mexico.

LEXIT was LIVE during the publishing of this Post, and they seem to have dwindled as much as Paloma in their Social Media,  Looks like there were more panelists than audience Members in this “So-Called” Sold Out Event. That’s what they get for using Paloma as a Mascot. They are dwindling in their reach in Social Media as well, because of Paloma. Too many eggs in one basket.

LEXIT Event is a “Bust” Watch Their Own Coverage of a Failed Event In LA,-  Without Paloma For Trump


We are confident that she will revive some of her defunct Social Media once she is out of Face Book Jail for her harassment, cyber Bullying and threats.  Time will tell and perhaps she will be revived for a political ploy that might make a difference or be a shot in the dark.  Meanwhile, watch her numbers drop and soon she will have to drop the Trump name and become herself again. Paloma Zuniga Delint.



Keep Tuned and we will follow what happens.  Meanwhile watch something that has value and contributes to our society.

LEXIT Event is a “Bust” Watch Their Own Coverage of a Failed Event In LA,-  Without Paloma For Trump


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