Paloma For Trump, AKA Paloma4Trump, (Paloma Zuniga Delint, no association with President Donald Trump), Takes a Nose-Dive in her Social Media.

One time Internet and Social Media sensation and oddity, Paloma For Trump had thousands of followers, likes, views and was taking the Social Media landscape by storm.

Not any more and by her own doing,

On Face Book, One time 15 minute sensation Paloma4Trump, platform in late May, Paloma tried to revive it and never regained followers except for a few blind lemmings. Gone with the wind.  Paloma For Trump on Face Book is also out of commission.  This leaves her with her fake accounts and a few meager pages to launch her raunchy and spit lies to the world. Without notoriety, she is shriveling like the Wicked Witch of the East under a house in Kansas.

Paloma has a rarely visited You Tube channel with little views and no presence. Paloma also has a website that she sells hats, shirts mugs and photos of herself, but the site has little valuable content.

Since her Migrant pushing Child Viral Video on Twitter and her embarrassing appearance to the Nation on The Dr. Phil Show. Plaoma Zuniga Delint might just have to start living life as a normal human being, off camera, off live streams and probably it is time to get a job. There are plenty of service jobs in Tijuana to choose from to make an honest living.

Before all of the victims of Paloma For Trump start to celebrate Palomas demise, one has to consider that she will try to climb out of the darkness and make her mark in Social Media again, after all, that is her only identity, without that, she is a simple Mexican without a solid standing in the community, without valuable skills of any kind. Keep one eye open, the cockroach may appear in the light, but its doubtful she has the capacity or the skills to do so.

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